About Us

I started working for IBM in Mechanicsburg, PA in 1969. I was transferred to Dallas, TX in 1983 and retired from IBM on August 1, 1999 after thirty years of service. In 2013 I decided to join the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization located in Dallas, TX.  They found a match for me in May of 2013 and I had a meeting with my match on May 7, 2013. He was an Afro American boy named Calvin Edwards and was 9 years old.  The Match Support Specialist introduced me to Calvin’s family as Bob Simmons.   Calvin’s Aunt looked at Calvin and said “that’s Mr. Bob to you”.  From that point forward I became known as Mr. Bob.

I have always believed that music is a way of life and can be a great form of healing as we encounter various obstacles in our daily lives.  Whether I was celebrating a special occasion or trying to solve a problem, I could always listen to one of my R&B CDs and allow myself to focus on the situation at hand.

When you listen to R&B music and you listen to the words you discover that it’s about the trials and tribulations of life itself. Its about falling in love, falling out of love, joy, pain, happiness, sorrow, and in short, it can be an emotional roller coaster.  The music can take you back in the past to personal situations that you have encountered, and it can also provide a pathway to your future. When I encountered misfortune in my life, my music restored my faith in mankind and allowed me to resolve the situation.   I hope you learn to appreciate the power of music as you begin your journey into the  world of smooth R&B music.


My goal is to bring the highest quality of uninterrupted, commercial-free R&B music to the marketplace for your entertainment and pleasure. You will be able to enjoy this music for years to come and it can be passed on to future generations.


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the CDs and receive a full refund with my No Questions Asked (NQA) return policy.


The following list represents some of my favorite Artists/Groups who played a major role in the birth of Motown and the R&B style of music:

Al Green
Charlie Wilson
Isley Brothers
Keith Sweat
Luther Vandross
Michael Jackson
R. Kelly

Aretha Franklin
Jackson 5
Marvin Gaye
Smokey Robinson

Barry White
Diana Ross
Johnny Gill
Maze & Frankie Beverly
Patti LaBelle
Stevie Wonder
Whitney Houston